Our Services Insight


Our Services Insight

Kestral Digital is one of the consultancy companies of Kestral group established in 2017.

The core of its function is to provide management and digital solutions consultancy for business automation and digital transformation of data and business processes, for mid-large size, defense, public, and private sector organizations. Kestral digital provides range of services to all these public and private sector organizations to achieve their digital transformation journey in a variety of ways.


Management Consultancy

Kestral Digital provide services to the organizations, from business domain assessment till business valued engineering. In, assessment our focus is not only pertinent to the technology, but we help organization to assess their business strategy and future goals. During the assessment process we apply SWOT analysis to identify areas to recuperate and stipulate, how opportunities can turn into the achievement of long-term business goals. We offer management consultancy services in the following areas.

  1. Technology assessment: Existing infrastructure (networks/communication, software i.e., business and supporting applications, data management and integrations tools & techniques)
  2. Human Talent or People: (People capabilities serving in each domain, their technical skills and aptitude to adopt technology, also identifying on-the job training requirements)
  3. Business Analysis: (Understand domain/areas of business, Future goals/strategy of the organization, End-to-end Business Processes documentations)
  4. Business Value Engineering: To help organization; how they can leverage technology to re-define their business processes to get maximum value of their people, technology and investment.

Digital Consultancy

In the domain of digital consultancy, Kestral Digital help organization provide best services in the evaluations of best of breed technological solutions. These solutions could be for evaluating new applications software, integrations of their existing systems to orchestrate their business processes OR moving their existing infrastructure to cloud based technologies.

We, also provide implementation services for our OEM/partners solutions and help organization to learn full potential of these solutions by providing them Proof of Concepts (POCs), Proof of Values (POVs) and specialized technical or business demo as well.

We also provide consultancy services to the organization in identifying user’s roles, for the best identification of sizing requirement of infrastructure whether cloud or on-prem. Also identify licensing requirements to acquire and deploy best of breed technological solutions from our partners or others in cost effective manner.

Digital Services

In this domain, Kestral Digital provide variety of services to help organizations to streamline their business processes and precarious work. We can be your trusted partner, whether you are willing to migrate your existing mailing systems, deploy enterprise-wide Microsoft 365 solutions to streamline your documents management solutions or companywide intranet or willing to design a document management and archiving solution strategy.

If you want to design and deploy best of breed networks & infrastructure, whether cloud or on prem we can be your partner. Also, apart from deploying best of breed ERP solutions, we can be your partner to develop custom made applications or modules and help them integrate with your main domain infrastructure.

Training & Enablement

This is a customized offering for your specific training needs provided either onsite at your location or virtually remote. Training services may include mentoring on complex integration scenarios, enablement sessions for a group of business and end-users.

Consulting On-Demand

If you require expertise to perform or manage specialized mission critical tasks, such as how to manage massive change digital transformation brings in the organization? also how to define a digital strategy to manage your current and future digital transformation road map? Kestral digital be your partner for

  1. Change Management:
    1. To help organizations to deal with change management processes within the organization for the adoption of technology and to deal with business process re-engineering challenges as it involves internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Digital Strategy Management:
    1. To help organizations to define a digital strategy, to formulate policies, and manage them accordingly for scheduling a timely review of the same.

Staff Augmentation

If you wouldIf you would like to have certified resources augmenting staff in your team for a duration of time assisting with delivery of various tasks in an ongoing initiative and mentoring along the way, we can get them for you. Our resources can be at your location or remote or a combination of both. Typically, medium-to-long duration engagements in months.